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Autism Basic Training A quick jump-start to help families get informed and take action.


Find Resources AMFAS was started in 2008 to focus on the needs of military families dealing with autism. Our variety of support options and resources is built with you in mind.


Community of Caring Our military family support community is the best source of Experience-Based Info for what really works and doesn't with autism.
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1-in-68 military kids

Autism affects one out of every 68 children, according to Centers for Disease Control data. Studies show that the earlier a child is diagnosed and early interventions begin, the greater the outcomes.

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Autism Warriors

Military families are fighting a war against the disabling impacts of autism. Autism has no known cause and no known cure. Our military community is based upon a warrior ethos of never giving up, never surrendering, and defeating this enemy. Through teamwork, communication and support we are helping our children reach their full potential.