Over the next week AMFAS will be back with some incredible new offerings

What is AMFAS?

American Military Families Autism Support was established December 2008 from a failure to find adequate resources online or through military support channels. Since that time, it has grown to support families of all services and components on a national level.

The project is meant to build a community to share ideas, information and lead to more consistent care and support across military support agencies, military families and the autism community at large. Unlike other autism organizations, AMFAS is different because it’s the only national support effort for military families, by military families, focused specifically on our needs.

If you're new to AMFAS, you probably don't know our history. 3 years ago the EFMP Exceptional Advocate told the backstory on this original effort.

Our mission

Our mission is providing news, information, community and support to military families dealing with autism spectrum disorder.


AMFAS has a number of resources.

Military Autism Academy - coming in 2015

Military Autism Network militaryautism.net

AMFAS Facebook facebook.com/militaryautism

AMFAS Twitter twitter.com/militaryautism

AMFAS Update update.amfas.org

How can I get involved?

American Military Families Autism Support continues to look for new and innovative ways to support our families. The benefit of having a great community is that there are a lot of great ideas on what can be done better. This is where you come in.

If you’ve thought about how you can make a difference for military families dealing with autism, AMFAS has a number of opportunities available for military family members and supporters of the AMFAS mission who are not. These opportunities will be promoted starting April 6, 2015. you can also contact us for more information.